Penguin War
Dates: October 31, 1980-May 5, 1981
Locations: Penguin Island, Antarctic, Hoth

  • Chrome Claw
  • 1238 penguin soldiers
  • 1385 lobsters
  • 1347 penguins

  • 3971 casualties
Cause: Blowhole arrives at Fort Stanwix and
attempts to conquer Penguin Island
(this could possibly be an early stage
of Al Qaeda's X Plot to conquer the world)
Result: Blowhole is driven away.
It's possible he hid in Neverland
to create Air City
Appearance(s): No episode yet proves
the existence of this war.

Penguin War (B. October 29, 1980-E. May 5, 1981) was a war between the Penguins and Dr. Blowhole


Rise of Blowhole (1960's)Edit

Blowhole attacked 3 islands in the Beaver Hemisphere. Beaver Isle, Africa, and Madagascar. In 1965, Blowhole took over Beaver Island, France, part of Britain, and Germany. He disappeared in 1968 into the Antarctic

Power over Penguins (1970's)Edit

Blowhole attacked, Antarctica, Hoth, and an Aztec/Spanish/Mexican island in 1970. Blowhole was first seen in 1975 in the episode, Dr. Blowhole's Revenge. Blowhole made Chrome Claw in 1974. Chrome Claw lived for about 6 years.


Attack on Fort Stanwix (1980)Edit

Blowhole and his army marched in front of Chrome Claw to Fort Stanwix. They attacked the fort, and raided it for any survivors. Finding the Penguins trying to escape with an X-ray laser Blowhole installed at some point in between 1975 & 1980. The Penguins escaped alive, but, Chrome Claw was killed in the process of Fort Stanwix's destruction after Blowhole's Army evacuated the fort.

Battle of California (1980)Edit

Blowhole's Army moved to the west coast of Penguin Island and took over military-secured city's such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tatooine, and San Fransisco. Blowhole managed to control only Tatooine and San Fransisco during the battle. He failed to capture Las Vegas & Los Angeles.

Battle of Michigan (1980)Edit

Before the BattleEdit

On November 18, Blowhole had successfully captured the states of California, Oregon, Illinois, Ohio, and Kansas, In December, Blowhole began to capture states in the middle west, surrounding the Canadian territory, and Great Lake Territory


On December 20, The Penguins snuck into Detroit, and attacked all of Blowhole's forces. The battle lasted until the day before New Years Eve.

Battle of Alaska (1981)Edit

Blowhole captured Canada, and swept through cities, disappearing on his trip to Alaska. On January 6, The Penguins won back Canada and Alaska. They sold Alaska to Holland to keep it out of Blowhole's hands

Battle of Hawaii (1981)Edit

Battle at seaEdit

The Battle of Hawaii started on January 18, on the sea. Blowhole had an ironclad freighter coming to Hawaii. The Battle lasted 36 hours. The Penguins used a pirate-styled ship to attack Blowhole, but they failed to sink or even bust a hole into dents made by the cannonballs because Kowalski forgot to carry the 7 in his plan.

Battle on LandEdit

Blowhole surrounded the island with lobsters, and secured the island with powerful security measures. Then went to Penguin Island.

Battle of Penguin Land (1981)Edit

On February 3, Blowhole attacked Washington DC. The Penguins won the battle, and drove Blowhole's forces from the country to Mexico

Escape to Antarctic (1981)Edit

Escaping MexicoEdit

Blowhole drove his forces into Mexico, and escaped the forces of the Penguins & Aztecs.

Escape & Battle of Hoth II:Edit

Blowhole's forces were located, and regrouped in Hoth. The Penguins attacked, and went back to Mexico after losing the 2nd battle of Hoth.

Capturing Mexico & Texas (1981)Edit

Blowhole attacked Mexico and Texas, and captured Rio Grande and Orlando, Florida

End of the War (1981)Edit

Reconstruction of Fort Stanwix (March 1981)Edit

Prior to the following month of April, The Penguins began reconstructing Fort Stanwix III. Fort Stanwix was upgrading with a powerful electric powered fence security system & spotlights & a powerful super-laser.

Rebuilding the army (March 1981)Edit

The Penguins quickly built their army before Blowhole could get larger numbers. Some became newer Titans. The army built to hundreds.

Destroying Blowhole's forts (April 1981)Edit

To prevent lobsters from gaining higher power, Fort Stanwix fired their super-laser at the Canadian forts that Blowhole built. The super-lasers power is so high that the distance of the target stretches from 5000 to 10000 miles.

Battle of Kansas (April-May 1981)Edit

  • Beginning the Battle (April 1981): The Battle of Kansas began in Kansas City on April 20 by Blowhole storming into the city, The battle lasted about 10 days
  • Aerial Missiles (May 1981): On May 1, Blowhole shot thermonuclear warheads at Maine, Florida & Texas, Fort Stanwix shot a powerful missile defense shield that caused the missile to blow up, but it was like blowing up an indestructible dome while the warheads blew up a Miami State Empire Building & The Canadian Skyline Needle.

Final Battle (May 1981)Edit

Beginning of The End (May 2-4 1981)Edit

The Final Battle of The Penguin War started the day after Blowhole shot warheads at noble artwork. Blowhole attacked Washington DC, and forced the Penguins back to the monument

Blowhole's surrender (May 5, 1981)Edit

On May 5, Blowhole's Army all died, and Blowhole retreated, surrendering as he retreated, yelling "You may have won this round, Penguiiinnns, but mark my words, for I shall return & kill all of you, you are all dead, Yahahahaha"

It is unknown how Blowhole's Army was killed.



Buildings & Forts
Blowhole destroyed many buildings & forts:
Fort Stanwix II
Miami State Empire Building
Several others

Blowhole destroyed a few monuments:
Fort Stanwix II
Canadian Skyline Needle.


Many died in the war:
Chrome Claw
About 1238 penguin soldiers
About 1385 lobsters
About 1347 penguins


Blowhole caused the war & the Penguins won in only a few month's.

Combatants & Enemy's
Dr. Blowhole (Leader of the Enemy side)
Chrome Claw (Secret Weapon)
Penguins (Leaders of the Penguin side)
Wolves (Never attended any battles)
Penguin Army (Penguin side)
Blowhole's Army (Enemy Side)
Titans(Never attended any battles)


It is unknown what is likely to happen, It could be likely that Blowhole's invention, Clockwerk, is to attack.

See AlsoEdit


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