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The World the Penguins live on is a different world in a different galaxy, like ours, it has food, water & oxygen, but there are major differences:


Oceans & Polar Ice CapsEdit

About the Continents & the Ice CapsEdit

Arctic & Antarctic Ice CapsEdit

These 2 ice caps are regions of the world so far away from the Equator, they're almost frozen solid, They surround 2 large island/continents in the center of them, From pole to borders, it is blizzards of snow, hail & sleet, In fact, Because it's so cold, Sometimes, it gets so cold from inside clouds, water & air in between, it creates a large wave of lethal coldness which can kill any penguin it hits on land.


Africa is the third smallest continent in the world, it borders Madagascar by a small body of water on the east, to the west is the Dark Sea, The stormiest & most violent body of water, surrounded by a large triangle called the Dark Triangle. It is home to lions, hippos, zebras, giraffes, vultures, crocs, elephants & monkeys, it is very hard to see on a Global Observation Map.


Antarctica is the large continent in the Antarctic Ice Cap, it borders several small chunks of icebergs, which might have come off of the continent itself, it however, is the second most dangerous isle in this ice cap, it borders a small isle named Hoth which has been used as a prison isle.

Arctic LandEdit

Arctic Land is a large island in the Arctic Ice Cap, it is colder there than Antarctica, the Penguins vacation there to practice boot camp with the Lemurs & play ice hockey & fish out Arctic fish that have been trapped in ice for several thousands of years.

Beaver IsleEdit

This isle is an island that is horizontal against the water, unlike it's brother, Beaver Island, which is vertical


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