Founded: 1970 or earlier
Dissolved: 2035
(continued through Penguin Heirs)
  • Skipper (Founder, General)
  • Kowalski (Sergeant
  • Rico (First class private
    Demolitions experts)
  • Private (First class private)
Location(s): Central Park Zoo, Manhattan, New York
  • Skipper (first leader)
  • Kowalski (second leader
    whenever Skipper was absent)
  • Jake (third leader
    first leader in the future version)
  • John (fourth leader
    second leader in the future version)
  • Christmas Caper
  • Madagascar
  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
  • Madagascar 3
  • Penguins of Madagascar Seasons 1-2

The Penguins is an organization made by the Penguin family.


Background InformationEdit

Past of KowalskiEdit

Life & Ban from AntarcticaEdit

The Penguin Family Tree

In 1930, Kowalski was born, he was the first of the Penguins to be born, he lived in Antarctica, to the age 13, he was stronger, but not that smart, Unfortunately, After winning the 1942 Hockey Championship, Kowalski unwittingly used a word that was illegal to use in Antarctica, Kowalski was banned from Antarctica by the Alpha. To enforce the ban, The Omega escorted him to an iceberg, Kowalski was surprised, shocked to find his teammates pushed him away from Antarctica, He forever remembered the sight of his parents before Antarctica was out of sight.

Life at Central Park ZooEdit

Kowalski's iceberg hit the banks of the New York Creek on Manhattan, New York, Nearby fisherman called the Zoo & Kowalski was taken to the new habitat, In 1945, The Otter family moved in with a daughter, Kowalski learned about the Zoo & devoted himself to science, Unfortunately, Because of his lack of smarts, he, instead of producing the good results, ended up causing several chemical explosions, which nearly killed him.

Britain's TitanEdit

Kowalski learned of the Clone Wars & decided to be a Titan & helped defeat the Sith & the Separatist Alliance, He met Jake, who soon became Darth Vader & invaded the country's. Kowalski went into hiding & returned to the Central Park Zoo, where he hid from the Dutch Empire. Kowalski did an experiment in 1955, which caused an explosion which knocked him out, filling him up with intelligence, Unfortunately, the explosion resulted in draining him of his strength.


Memory TestingEdit

Skipper was born in 1955, Unfortunately, His father was Darth Vader & he lived in Antarctica, which had lost several islands such as the Penguin paradise of Hoth, His mother, Louise, moved him into hiding, In Britain, Kowalski received word from his aunt & got her to Britain, Skipper was memory tested to make sure he'd have no memory of Darth Vader, Skipper lived in Antarctica for 13 years.

Shipping to the ZooEdit

Kowalski finally met Skipper in 1968, they became friends (unknown to Skipper that they were related or that they were cousins)

Arrival of RicoEdit

Rico arrived 2 years after Skipper, like Skipper, Rico was memory tested & then lived in Antarctica for 14 years, then, he met his 15 year old brother Skipper & Kowalski, They met the Wolves, savage wolves who were determined to destroy all enemies.


Private arrived last & was 12 when he arrived. He learned from Skipper & Kowalski how to be trained for military


In 1971, The Penguins planned to dig their way back to Antarctica, but the Zoo planned to ship them to Kenya Wildlife Reserve after they failed to get out because of a zebra they met named Marty, they hijacked the ship to redirect it's course to Antarctica, accidentally losing 4 passengers (1 of them was the same zebra just mentioned), They met up in Madagascar & the Penguins made a deal to fly the four & two lemurs (Three, actually, because a third got onto the wing of the plane), since the boat was out of gas. The third lemur (Mort) ended up causing a plane crash & landed them in Africa, The Penguins tried to rebuild the plane, while the Dark Age had struck the Watering Hole. The Penguins left to go back to the Zoo.

Early MissionsEdit

Main article: Seasons 1-3

The Penguins went onto a series of missions throughout the early 1970's.

Later MissionsEdit

Penguin WarEdit

Main article: Penguin War

The Penguins explored their way down to Penguin Island. Later, Skipper earned the rank as General. But Dr. Blowhole came with Chrome Claw & attacked Fort Stanwix. The war went on for a year.

Between the War & First WarEdit

After the war, the Penguins traveled to the Zoo & learned about Surf Island.

First Sky WarEdit

The First Sky War began in 2009, when Private saw an orca that flew in the sky, The Penguins prepared to battle until they discovered the peanut butter under his chin, they then, thought it was a sugar-induced hallucination, But as they saw the parade, they became aware that the Skorca was real. They attacked the Skorca, then, it flew away, They had no idea the Skorca was still alive or where he was. The Skorca attacked the Zoo a year later, But Private killed it.

Between the WarsEdit

New York WarEdit

The New York War began a few months after the end of the First Sky War, The Penguins tracked down Al Qaeda through their network. A skirmish occurred 2 years after the declaration of war. The Titans were attacked a year afterward, On the final year, The second to last battle occurred in Blowhole City, At this point, Red Squirrel shut the network down. The Creek flooded with trash & the Penguins cleaned up the rubble, but found their habitat burning.

Blowhole's RevengeEdit

Blowhole returned to seek vengeance on the Penguins, Finally, he battles them in Westland with Robo-47. The Penguins realized Blowhole was back after that.

Second Sky WarEdit

The Penguins discovered the building of Clockwerk & eventually had to fight Clockwerk, who later dubbed himself as Clock-Lene, in the sky. Blowhole died in a battle & Clockwerk was killed.

Final MissionsEdit


Kowalski was murdered by a young man named Draco Malfoy in an adventure to Buck Rockgut's hideout.


Skipper died of a heart attack three years afterward.


Rico died of the same fate as Skipper a year after that.

Final PenguinEdit

Private was the last to die.

Future Penguin OrganizationEdit

The Penguins' heirs carried out the rest of their work.

Involvement in the Lemur EmpireEdit

The Penguins have several signed involvements in the Lemur Empire, In fact, in some of their earliest missions (Seasons 1-3) They have been involved in the Departments of Defense, Regulation & Control of Unknown Animals & the Zoo Transfer Office/Department of Zoo Transfers.

Department of DefenseEdit

Their main role (inside/outside of the Empire) is defending the Zoo & World.

Department of Regulation & Control of Unknown AnimalsEdit

Department of Regulation
and Control of Unknown Animals
Department Information
Founder: King Julien XIII
Founded: 1975 or earlier
Dissolved: 2045 or later
Purpose: To find out about captive
and non-captive animals
and their natures, diets, etc.
Affiliation: Lemur Empire, Penguins, Future Penguins
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Out of the Groove
Additional Appearance(s): Seasons 2-5

The Penguins were granted the ability to take role as professors in the Department of Regulation & Control of Unknown Animals to learn behavior of species from inside & outside the Zoo, (Ex. They classified the Skorca species after the First Sky War)

Zoo Transfer Office/Department of Zoo TransfersEdit

Department of Zoo Transfers
(aka: Zoo Transfer Office)
Department Information
Founder: King Julien XIII
Founded: 1975 or earlier
Dissolved: 2000 or later
Purpose: To check out new
arrivals for criminal
activity/history or
any suspicious kind
of manner
Affiliation: Lemur Empire, Penguins
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Additional Appearance(s):

In episodes, such as Monkey Love, The Big Squeeze & Right Hand Man, Huffin & Puffin & Untouchable, The Penguins played their role in the Zoo Transfer Office, alerting the Lemurs to any new resident that were transferred from Hoboken & other zoos. This department is vital to the Lemurs, for they must be aware of any new arriving residents to make sure no criminal activity has occurred. This office/department is actually a division of the Departments of Regulation & Control of Unknown Animals & Central Park Zoo Law Enforcement.

Member StatisticsEdit


Penguin Ranking Name of Soldier Strength/Endurance Level (Out of training must be over 5.0, covers the first two years after joining) Age (when they died) Titles
1. Skipper (1968-1970) 9.72 75 General
2. Kowalski (1968-1970) 6.38 97 Professor, Scientist, Sergeant, Private First Class
3. Rico (1970-1972) 7.98 75 Demolitions Expert, Private First Class
4. Private (1970-1972) 4.89 (Training) (Passed with 5.05 in 1973) 77 Private First Class



Status 1 Status 2
Name: Skipper

Undesirable Number One
Public Enemy Number 1 of Denmark

Title: General
Age: 75 years old

Jake (father)
Louise (mother)
Rico (brother)
Jake (son)


Dr. Blowhole
Red Squirrel
Lemur Empire (occasionally)



Homeplace: Born in Antarctica, Lived most of his life in the Central Park Zoo
First appearance: Christmas Caper
Seasonal appearances: Seasons 1-4

This is a collectible card

The next card will be a Kowalski card, This is a rare collectible


Safety Protection Act (1970)Edit

The Safety Protection Act policy was a policy that forbidden the rights of a young penguin with low experience to be put on missions, As a protection act, licenses were issued to penguins, which in 2038, The Lemur Council would form a committee to debate recruits. According to Jake, The licenses provide identification for each penguin personnel, The licenses were issued a requested age & experience training level to successfully become a Penguin, The Safety Protection Age was set to the age of 13 so the penguin must be at least 13 years old & experienced a 90%+ interval of experience training points to accumulate their licenses as details omitted from Hard Boiled Eggy explains

Criminal Discipline Protection Records (2036-2050)Edit

Criminal Discipline Protection Records were established files that protects young or unknowing personnel from being taken into the hands of the Lemur Empire & sentenced for a crime, the records will prevent the incident of the penguin from a horrible punishment by the Lemur law, but it will create a discipline course for the penguin & will demote their ranks to top secret areas, As an example, James unknowingly triggered the WOPR, but after the commotion died, His protection records were issued in a Lemur Council meeting to keep him in the hands of the Penguins away from painful punishments the Lemur Empire would set.



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