Penguins of Madagascar: Return of all enemy's

Production Date:

September 17, 2011



Four separated parts

Levels (One part):

Usually around 40-50 levels

Levels (Whole game):

180 levels total

Game Releases:


Penguins of Madagascar: Return of all enemy's is a 2011 video game based on the Penguins of Madagascar series & is separated into parts, Some parts represent themselves like the games Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection


The game kicks off in setbacks of some previous episodes such as a Visit From Uncle Nigel, The Red Squirrel, Dr. Blowhole's Revenge & The Hoboken Surprise.


Part One: The Red Squirrel MissionEdit

Division One: Pursuing SquirrelEdit

The story kicks off when Private's Uncle Nigel comes again, Unfortunately, because the rest are too busy, Private is given a mission where he goes off with Uncle Nigel to stop Red Squirrel again, They meet Buck Rockgut, who unfortunately is attacked by Red's new agents, Private & Uncle Nigel begin pursuing Red to the Main Control Center of Red's tree, the base of operations in order to find out Red's plot, They go deep underground & eliminate the agents & fight Red's scientists' monsters in lower areas which are in tomb structure, By the time they reach Buck on the surface, Buck unleashes information on a missile hiding inside Cleopatra's Needle

Division Two: Stopping SquirrelEdit

At this point, Private now must find the missile & disarm it, because they don't have enough time to try to find the Control Center in order to stop the launch, Nigel fights Red as Private must shoot the missile's inside wires. Red escapes back to his Control Center, Private & Nigel continue pursuing Squirrel & trap him with his agents in the Control Center, he however, escapes while setting self-destruct.

Part Two: Dr. Blowhole Strikes Once AgainEdit

Division One: Old FrenemysEdit

Dr. Blowhole is on the loose again, This time, he has attacked with even more lobsters & more guns, The Penguins travel to the Hoboken Zoo & Aquarium to persuade their old allys & enemys to join forces to stop Blowhole, Clemson, Savio, Hans & Lulu agree, The Chimps & Marlene also band together with them

Division Two: Finding BlowholeEdit

Marlene & Rico will track Blowhole through the sewers to his evil lair, Marlene will report what Blowhole is up to at that point, Phil, Mason & Lulu will all read & hold important artifacts, They would attack by banging the cave roof down on Blowhole, Skipper & Private prepare for attack. Upon learning that Blowhole fled through another sewer valve, The Penguins continue tracking him to a fort in a city behind the mountains which were Rockgut's lair.

Division Three: Defeating BlowholeEdit

King Julien & his fellow subjects also follow along & prepare for a quick battle, Private infiltrates the fort with Hans. Blowhole is defeated eventually after a huge battle & he escapes.

Part Three: Destination TitanEdit

Division One: Hunt of the TitansEdit

Private & Skipper will team up to hunt the Titans, but they fail to stop them from taking over Westland

Division Two: Rise of DeathlandEdit

The Titans rename the desert to Deathland & Zack unlocks the gate to the underworld & causes the dead to rise from the grave of Westland & attempt to have the zombies devour the Penguins or have the Penguins die by the heat.

Division Three: Survival of DeadestEdit

Skipper & Private escape to the tomb caves buryed deep below the Westland, However, Some zombies from the underworld manage to escape to their tombs, Kowalski & Rico would then attempt to meet them away from the tomb areas in Westland.

Division Four: Fall of DeathlandEdit

The Penguins & Marlene meet up & attack the Titans & force the undead zombies back to the underworld & they destroy it, But under the dark arts of magic Zack placed into the gate cause a huge portal causing the underworld to reincarnate again, this time connecting to the state of Limbo. The Penguins syphon the energy & stop the Titans.

Part Four: Mission WolvesEdit

Division One: Finding the predatorEdit

The Wolves are hunted by Rico & Private who sneak to the Wolf Shack, but meet a wolverine army formed by Joe Wolf, The wolverines attempt to kill them, but fail.

Division Two: Into the CragstonesEdit

The Wolves retreat to the mountains & the Penguins now hunt the hunter up in the air

Division Three: The Predators AwakeEdit

The wolverine army hunts the Penguins throughout the Cragstone Mountains

Division Four: Final BattleEdit

The Wolves are captured in the final battle, but escape & flee to the Northern ends.



These characters are major roling players, They must be eliminated as quick as possible

Red SquirrelEdit

The Red Squirrel only appears in the battle level where Private must disarm the missile & the Control Center attack

Dr. BlowholeEdit

Dr. Blowhole appears in few missions, but mostly at the end of the second part


The Titans appear many times in Part Three


The Wolves are the main targets in Part Four

Enemy PersonnelEdit

You'll often encounter resistance dispatched by the bosses themselves


Squirrels are soldiers of the Red Squirrel's new army, They range from infantry to officers & professors, They can be equally targeted enemys in Part One as they are the most resistance


Lobsters are Blowhole's warriors who are ready for combat under Blowhole's special training


Wolverines are enemys that are guardians of the Wolves, These are well-known targets, Just don't fire without a good aim at the head or you'll be eaten alive


You'll encounter monsters along the way to your mission goal, Accidental, Intentional or Unexpected


Dementors Type I (Part One)Edit

These monsters are like dementors, but they do not have cloaks, But be extremely aware, They cannot take away happy emotions, Just don't let them get you or else it'll be the end

Dementors Type II (Part Three-Four) (Normal)Edit

These dementors will be more effective than Red Squirrel's mutations, but be aware that these can erase positivity in emotion, Be cautious, Make sure you can escape or repel a dementor when you meet one, If you don't, They quickly eat away your emotions which includes your health, If you reach 0 in health, It's the dementor's favorite time: Time for the Final Kiss


Zombies that reincarnate from the underworld will be on hunt for flesh


Part One: The Red Squirrel MissionEdit

Level 1: Buck RockgutEdit

Mission (For the next few levels) (written by the British animal spy division): Follow Uncle Nigel to Buck Rockgut's secret base to obtain important info & supplys, Red Squirrel has been believed to been up to a plot & he has a weapon hidden somewhere in the area, However, we cannot confirm what exactly the weapon is or it's location, Find Buck Rockgut & then proceed through Uncle Nigel's instructions with him down into Red's HQ & find the main base of operations


  1. Follow Uncle Nigel to the Park
  2. Defeat Red Squirrel's patrolling guards
  3. Find the entrance to Buck Rockgut's secret base

Players: Private, Uncle Nigel, Buck Rockgut

Enemys: Red's guards

How to succeed: Uncle Nigel will show you (Private) the way to the Park, As a bonus, he'll hand some ammo & new weapons/guns to carry. There will be a few Squirrel agents & guards patrolling the Zoo & Park (possibly to insure safety of the secret location of Red's unknown weapon) Use your knife on a guard in the Zoo & the first in the Park, If Uncle Nigel accidentally blows your cover, Hide behind a few trees & shoot the agents, Proceed to the tree in the 4 o clock position in the Outer Ring of Trees surrounding Cleopatra's Needle. Buck Rockgut will meet you, If you see your crosshair has a diagonal line going through it, do not shoot as it symbolizes the target is a civilian or is an agent working with you.

Level 2: Back to the RingEdit


  1. Retrieve items from Buck Rockgut
  2. Follow secret mine tunnel out of the lair
  3. Find Red's secret entrance

Players: Private, Uncle Nigel, Buck Rockgut

Enemys: Red's guards

How to succeed: Buck Rockgut will supply you with extra weapons such as an MP40, Mauser & Grenades, Then, Buck will open the secret exit, there will be one guard at the end, Kill him with your knife or the rest of the guards will fire as you enter the Inner Ring, Red's guards will be waiting for you, Shoot them all down before you go to the tree in the 2 o clock position

Level 3: Buryed AliveEdit

Mission: We have found that your mission orders have been compromised, You must proceed through Red Squirrel's tombs under his HQ to find him, we have determined that the weapon is hidden close by, Do not resist to shoot any monsters you'll find, Some are deadly enough to kill anything in it's path. Proceed through the tombs, Squirrel has escaped & is up in his Control Center of his weapon, It may be too late to stop him, but it's not too late to find out where he's going, Follow him & proceed to the Control Center


  1. Pursue Red's guards through the tombs
  2. Find the elevator to the higher tombs near the Control Center

Players: Private, Uncle Nigel

Enemys: Red's guards, Dementors (synthetic monsters), Zombies

How to succeed: Eliminate Red's two guards guarding the area below the elevator platform, One will guard the exit of the tomb, Another will hide under the platform, get rid of them & move downward through the exit, One zombie will be waiting for you, kill it. On your left will be a synthetic monster version of a dementor, It will Kiss one of Red's guards. Like any ordinary dementor, it will be blind, Don't let it touch you or it will grab you & give you the Dementor's Kiss, Shoot it & it will die like the zombie, Remember, Zombies will fall over & appear dead after a few shots, This doesn't mean they are truely dead for sure, Don't turn your back as they'll get up & start attacking again, They're only dead once you've actually broken them apart into bones. There will be a spike trap on a stairway, The darkest part of the stair triggers it, Do not step on it, Jump over it. Another guard & dementor will be up ahead in a room on your left, The Dementor will be advancing on the guard, But the helpless guard will get Kissed like the last one, Shoot the dementor once the guard has been Kissed, The dementor will die. Behind the fight is a wall with a couple missing bricks, Tap two of them & you'll get an artifact of the legendary Gold Squirrel, Enter the hall on your right, Two dementors will be in there, Shoot both, Another will come out of the wall behind you, Get rid of it by killing it too, The last dementor will come out of the wall on your left, Kill that one too. A gate will open, More zombies will be waiting, Throw a grenade in between the walls, This will kill the zombies as two will be hiding around the corner. A gold door will be in front of you, Follow the stairwell down to another compartment, Five guards, Four zombies & Three dementors will be in a brawl, The dementors only prey on living animals, so don't expect it that the dementors will get rid of the zombies for you, Some zombies will get killed in the brawl, but all the dementors will Kiss three guards, leaving one guard who manages to kill one more zombies, one dementor, but he gets killed by a zombie as well, leaving two zombies & two dementors left, Uncle Nigel will deal with the zombies, leaving you to deal with the dementors, Shoot all of them. There will be two gold doors in left & right, Take the right & you'll exit the chamber

Level 4: Eye of the SquirrelEdit

Coming soon


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