Plasma-Pus Warning was a message Rico received from a traitor in Blowhole City, warning him of Plasma-Pus.


Whoever lives in the city of Blowhole, Their death will meet them
Orange it is, for it lives in a pit in the heart
Beware, for thee must leave the city or even the mountain, for death will come
Beware of the orange death, watch for it's deadly kiss, for once you kiss death, you will be at the pearly gates
Death's fatal kiss ends life for everyone, Blowhole City will never know peace until orange death is gone forever


  • First Line: Blowhole City is home to death
  • Second Line: The "orange death" lives in the center of the city, in a pit
  • Third Line: Any living being must flee the city to survive
  • Fourth Line: Orange death's kiss will send the life of anyone to the gates of death
  • Fifth Line: Orange death's kiss will end everyone's life, Blowhole City doesn't know peace until Orange death is gone forever


In the fourth & fifth lines, the warning explains that a kiss from death will kill the life in the victim. It says "kissing death" sends the victim to the world of the dead. The words "deadly kiss" means the Death Kiss, which a tentacle from Plasma-Pus' mouth kisses the victim to suck out their vital organs, including the brain. The words "Orange death" is what Plasma-Pus is called by Blowhole's civilians in the city, so Orange death's kiss is the Death Kiss from Plasma-Pus.

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