Rockgut War
Dates: Sometime in 2041, 2042, 2043 or 2044-January 29, 2045
Locations: Central Park Zoo, Central Park, Manhattan, New York &
other places throughout New York
  • The lack of the Penguins presences (possibly)
  • Red's scheme for revenge
Result: James nearly suffers the Dementor's kiss, Red is captured
Appearance(s): Rockgut War
The Rockgut War is a war that occurred between Buck Rockgut & The Red Squirrel, Eventually, The Penguins joined in on Rockgut's side after Red's attack on them by using dementors



From 2000-2020, Red Squirrel has been foiled several times, especially when Buck Rockgut, Private's Uncle Nigel or the Penguins alone got wind of his plans, As example, Red lost the New York War despite his clever tactics.


In some point in the 2020's, Red disappeared & wasn't found until some time when the Penguins went to school in 2041


Early States of the WarEdit

While away, The Penguins didn't have a clue of the events back in New York, Rockgut & Squirrel declared war on each other as Red reveals he built an army of squirrels while gone because he went underground & recruited & waited for the Penguins to leave so he could square Rockgut off himself & Red produces growing amounts of weapons, such as missiles, bomber jets, bombs, guns & war subs.

Return of the PenguinsEdit

The Penguins returned in 2044, Red got word as the Penguin freighter ship got past the submarine blockade. Red, who was ready to launch a fail-deadly first strike, had to cancel out his attack & feared if the Penguins joined Rockgut, they'd be higher threats. Red sent four dementors out to get the Penguins

Dementor Attack on the PenguinsEdit

While the Penguins remained neutral, Jack & James secretly prepared themselves for war after they asked Jake several times to join the war & he said they wanted no part of fighting Squirrel & he ordered Jack & James to stop training as they only go through war exercises when they want to in a war they're active. Red sent dementors out to get them. Four dementors entered the HQ & attacked four of the Penguins. Jake repelled his own dementor, Along with John, who repelled his, Jake & John repelled Jack's, John saved James as his dementor sucked out all of his joy & his soul & nearly caused the fate of the Dementor's kiss

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