Saline boards (a.k.a. Protector boards) are boards that have internal chambers holding coats of whale oil that penguins use to protect their feathers from being burned by the salty ocean waters.

How they workEdit

A board would emit an hour's worth of whale oil, that a penguin's feathers would absorb to keep salt out of their feathers, the oil would fade after an hour, but the board has 24 chambers containing the oil, so when one coat runs out, the next chamber releases the next coat for another hour & can work up to 24 hours before it has to be re-oiled.



The idea of the boards came from a penguin who in 1873, found that before he swam in the ocean as he tryed methods to stop salt burns, he found bathing in whale oil kept him perfectly safe for 24 hours. Then, in 1901, a penguin organization created the boards.


The boards are continuously used, they are also used as training boards. Even though the penguin would require the board for protection after an hour, it is safe to get off the board or be off of it as long as an hour isn't up yet. Most penguins stick with the boards to keep themselves safe & afloat, but some can use the ocean currents to their advantages to swim faster without the board, while still coated.


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