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School Year 1

Air date:

June 20, 2011


Next episode:

School Year 2

School Year 1 is the first of the trilogy of the Penguins' education at Antarctic Penguin Middle School, It explains a fraction of the next year & the war that will occur.


Prologue PlotEdit

The Penguins are enjoying the day, John retrieves the mail & learns they earned scholarships from a middle school in Antarctica where they could learn more things that they require, if they wanted to.

Main PlotEdit

The Penguins arrive in Antarctica & buy an igloo to live in. The Penguins go to school & learn that a new teacher, Dolores Umbridge, would be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. The Penguins learn that the Ministry wanted to catch a student who was using the name Lord Voldemort, who had an organization called the Death Eaters, They learn about the Inquisitorial Squad & the several Slytherin students, including one particular student who seemed to be their leader of the gang: Tom Riddle, Riddle had several friends in Slytherin, They learned the names:

The Penguins become suspicious, As the school year flows by, the Penguins create plots & plans in a manual in the hideout inside their locker, However, The Inquisitorial Squad counterplots against them, Umbridge also assigns them detentions for no apparent reason that involves any rule breaking, Riddle & Malfoy even gave Jack a swirly, Crabbe gave John a Purple Nurple, Goyle used James' head as a battering ram & Avery kicked Jake & runs off. The Penguins run through a series of numerous failed plans, Until the second to last day of the year, They finally suspend Umbridge by writing out her expiration date was already past, The Ministry assigns her back, Riddle, meanwhile, becomes furious & threatens to have the Ministry arrest them, John, then, burns the manual to erase evidence of their plans. The Penguins are proud of themselves.

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