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Scene I: Penguin Habitat (Interior)Edit

John is receiving the mail and talking to himself while flipping through the letters

John: Hmm, Four letters from oversea, I wonder who they're from

The Penguins are playing poker

John: Mails here.

John hands one letter to each of them, everyone rips open the letters & then, they open the last four ones.

Letter: Dear John/James/Jack/Jake,

We are pleased to inform you that you are accepted free scholarships to Antarctic Penguin Middle School in Antarctica, If you wish to come. Classes will begin on September 1 at 9:00 a.m., We must inform you that the Ministry of Antarctica will be establishing your ship to come & get you, If you want to attend, perfect, but you must pack your bags & be ready to head to Antarctica as soon as you get this letter, See you on September 1.

Albus Dumbledore
Headmaster of the School

Scene II: Antarctica, Penguin Igloo (Interior)Edit

John is lighting the fire, James is shivering with gloves & a jacket on, for winter was starting by the sun's location in the sky, Jake walks in

Jake: Negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit, It's going to get worse as the 21st gets closer. Jack, any entertainment

Jack is watching TV

Jack: No, but I found a couple advertisements for brined herring, sourtrout &...

Jake cuts Jack off

Jake: Alright, Don't start drooling about the herring & sourtrout

Jack already began drooling at the thought of fish

Jake: Let's see what's on the next channel

Jack flips the channel

TV: The Ministry of Antarctica is currently looking for new employees, which shouldn't only be Penguin, for last night, a yellow duck named Eggy asked for a job.
Jake: Eggy, the duckling that lived in Central Park since before we were born.
John: Yeah. Boy, it's getting late. Tomorrow is the first day of school. I'm going to hit the sack.

John crawls into bed

Scene III: Antarctic Penguin Middle School, Great HallEdit

Everyone is sitting in the Great Hall, The Penguins are waiting in line for sorting

Sorting Hat: Hmm, Let's see, Got to be, Ravenclaw!
Professor: Tom Riddle

A handsome teenage Penguin walks to the front of the crowd

Sorting Hat: (barely touching his head) Slytherin!
Professor: Jake Penguin

Jake walks up

Sorting Hat: You feel like you belong in Slytherin, plenty of courage, yes, but no, you have to be Gryffindor!
Professor: John Penguin

John walks up

Sorting Hat: You feel like Ravenclaw, Perfect intelligence, you have the right ideas & plans, but, what, you don't want to be in Ravenclaw, Are you sure, You want to be with your cousin, Okay, if you insist, Gryffindor! be continued...

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