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School Year 2
Episode Information
Air Date: August 1, 2011
Usually Aired With: None
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: School Year 1
Next Episode: School Year 3

School Year 2 is an episode of Season 5


The school year finally began, However, Tom Riddle & his Death Eaters don't stay long as they mysteriously disappear after the first week of school. On one day, The Dark Mark suddenly appears over the whole continent of Antarctica, The students are horrifyed & the Penguins question the teachers' silence & the Ministry's lack of response, The next day, A Patronus, conjured by Eggy, tells them not to go to school as a mysterious person named Lord Voldemort invaded the Ministry & is looking for them. The Penguins go to school, But not for education, but to sneak in & see what'll happen, They learn that the students are now being terrorized & interrogated by Malfoy & other Death Eaters on the Penguins' whereabouts, Max, one of their loyalist friends, refuses to speak to Malfoy in a promise of friendship, he indirectly & accidentally spills the beans that they were in the school, Malfoy becomes aware of this & searches all of the classrooms for the Penguins


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