Second Sky War
Dates: January 1, 2024-June 15, 2025
Locations: Central Park Zoo & Central Park
Cause: First Sky War
(occurred 25 years previously
Blowhole finally invents Clockwerk
and terrorizes the Zoo when
the Penguins declare war.)
Result: Blowhole dies
Clockwerk is destroyed
another war is feared
Appearance(s): Sky Wars (First appearance)

Penguin Future (Appears in flashback(s))

The Second Sky War is a war between the Penguins (and their ally's in the republic of the Central Park Zoo) and the army of Dr. Blowhole (with his diabolically evil robot owl Clockwerk.)


First Sky WarEdit

Main Article: First Sky War

The Second Sky War is named as the second war after the First Sky War. Yin-Yang, a balloon skorca swam around the city. The Penguins attacked the skorca & blew him out of the town in a condition near beyond repair. Skorca repaired himself with balloon rubber, metal guns, and laser eyes. Skorca flew over the Zoo, and broke the Penguins' age-weakened shield, that defends the Zoo. Skorca became the first to break the Zoo's defenses and enter the Zoo in air.

New York WarEdit

Main Article: Battle in Blowhole City

About a few month's after Skorca's death, and the end of the war, The New York War broke out. The Penguins set up a mission to eliminate Al Qaeda and destroy the X Network. Meanwhile, Dr. Blowhole was making a fort city on Zephyr Point that was named after him. Blowhole invented, and brought life to, the exact monster he planned ever since his first experimental monster, Chrome Claw, died. Plasma-Pus was a deadly monster. However, on June 24, 2015, Rico infiltrated the city to find Blowhole and capture him. Rico battled Plasma-Pus, and tore down the city. Meanwhile, Blowhole escaped the city as it began to collapse, but was captured by Private, who'd finished off the aerial defense force of the city. Blowhole was taken in a net to a seaport, and shipped to Beaver Island, with a note claiming that Blowhole can be a beaver's tail slapping bag. However, Blowhole escaped, and sailed back to New York.

Between WarsEdit

The Penguins didn't find out Blowhole escaped until they found his new invention, Robo-47, which was the first robot Blowhole invented & was his third creation. Blowhole plugged a main controller where he sat, in the back of Robo-47 and watched the back of the robot, and used an autopilot. However, Skipper & the Penguins tore down Robo-47 after learning how it was controlled. Blowhole fled to a cave under the pond of Central Park.


Creation of ClockwerkEdit

On January 1, 2024, Private was sent to the underground cave to find out what Blowhole was inventing. After recon photos, Kowalski told Private through the com-link from the Penguin Network via X Network. He told Private to reverse the polarity of the electromagnetic platforms that were constantly in motion spinning in the cave to hold the robot together. However, Private hides out as Blowhole comes into the room to find Clockwerk's parts were in the right place and Clockwerk needed a pilot to take flight. Blowhole finds Private and thanks him for assembling Clockwerk. Because Kowalski had the theory to assemble Clockwerk in the right order, Blowhole attaches a confined space battery to give Clockwerk the ability to continue flying in case Clockwerk loses his pilot. Blowhole and Clockwerk take off. As they leave the cave, Blowhole yells in an unfamiliar tone & voice that Clockwerk was born.

Height of the warEdit

The war causes a uneasy fear and turmoil in the republic of the Central Park Zoo. King Julien XIII was terrified by Dr. Blowhole flying Clockwerk around the Zoo & Park. Marlene revealed she formed a society in the Zoo republic months before the First war. Joey attacked Clockwerk, only to be injured, and nearly fell to his death. Skipper disabled Clockwerk's life stabilizer, which weakened Clockwerk, nearly killing Skipper, himself & Dr. Blowhole.

Clock-Lene's RevengeEdit

The war went to an uneasy problem when Marlene was kidnapped, and hypnotized by Blowhole. She entered the inactive Clockwerk, dubbing herself in her trance as Clock-Lene. Because Skipper disabled the stabilizer, and caused Clockwerk's life to go unstable, Dr. Blowhole needed some enemy to enter the frame and attach themselves to Clockwerk's soul. However, Clock-Lene began to be disrespectful towards Blowhole. Clockwerk's old soul forced Marlene to grow hatred towards the Penguins and the Zoo, and to purge the Earth of every living thing (all Penguin ally's, Blowhole's enemies and all humans)

Final BattleEdit

Dr. Blowhole's DeathEdit

Dr. Blowhole: I was a fool! My life is going to be gone, Curse you, Clock-Lene! You were my servant and friend, not my enemy, and the next candidate for rebellion against me!
Skipper: Blowhole, you've fallen, literally, from power and from life, you have a short time before you go into the light, you should apologize for all those terrible schemes, now.
Dr. Blowhole: Look at me, Skipper, I'm now going to be gone

-Dr. Blowhole & Skipper's last conversation

Blowhole was soon distraught to learn about Clock-Lene's rebellion against him, trying to force her to obey him. Clock-Lene rattles Blowhole off, and Blowhole fell. He landed on a large chunk of metal in the middle of the pond in the Park & died from his spinal cord breakage.

Clock-Lene & Skipper standoffEdit


Skipper took a jet pack flew up to Clock-Lene, Clock-Lene attacked and Skipper open fired on Clock-Lene. He got most of Clock-Lene destroyed. Skipper then jumped on Clock-Lene's back.

Last BlowsEdit

Skipper heard Clock-Lene yell at him. Skipper looked into her eyes and found Marlene's lone body in a rest, while her soul was attached to Clockwerk's and was shooting looks full of hate at him. Skipper smashed Clock-Lene's face. But Clock-Lene fell, and then landed in the pond.

Removing Marlene from ClockwerkEdit

Clock-Lene: I hate you, Penguins, I'll find you in your sleep and I will destroy you, you never know a moment of peace when I live, you will never, ever, You don't know revenge, I am revenge, I am the Alpha & the Omega, Clock-Lene!

-Clock-Lene to the Penguins

Kowalski, Rico, and Private decided to rescue Marlene to stop her from being destroyed along with Clockwerk. Rico pried open Clock-Lene's beak, only to find that Marlene projected an electric hologram. Kowalski destroyed the lasers Clock-Lene set up in hate to kill them. Private broke into the mouth and removed Marlene's body. Private disconnected the wires on Marlene's head, and got her out of the head.

Hate ChipEdit

Clockwerk: Penguin, you will never be rid of me! Clockwerk is superior!

-Clockwerk to Skipper

After Marlene was taken out of Clockwerk's body. Clockwerk got a part of Marlene in him to live and tried to rebuild himself. Kowalski claimed Private had seen a computer chip in the back of Clockwerk's mouth that was marked the word HATE on it. Kowalski & Skipper got to the beak and Skipper beat the head up. Kowalski removed the chip as Clockwerk's head sunk into the pond. They escaped the wreckage. Marlene saw what Blowhole and Clockwerk did to her. Out of anger, she smashed the Hate Chip to pieces & Clockwerk's parts disintegrated to ashes.


Clockwerk was the second flying enemy to penetrate the Penguins' defenses. The war was far worse than the First Sky War. Another sky war was feared to occur, the successor war nearly occurred in 2037 when the Penguins' descendants nearly declared a thermonuclear war.


Sky Wars (first appearance)

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