Severus Snape
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Antarctica (possibly)
Family Unknown
Raised in Antarctica (possibly)
(lives in)

Age 15 (deceased)
Talent(s) Dark Arts
Where can we find him/her
School Year 2
School Year 3
(Mentioned only)
(First Identified as Severus Snape)

Severus Snape (D. July 7, 2043) was a Death Eater from 2041-2043, He attended Antarctic Penguin Middle School from 2041-2042, He participated in the Fall of the Ministry & patrolled the police, He was arrested when the Ministry was reclaimed by the Penguins & he was sentenced either a life or long imprisonment on Hoth, where he died.


Early YearsEdit

Like other Death Eaters, including Death Eater Tom Riddle or Dark Wizard Lord Voldemort, Not much is known about his early years.

Education at Antarctic Penguin Middle SchoolEdit

Snape went to Antarctic Penguin Middle School the same year as Tom Riddle & the Death Eaters did, which was in fact the same year the Penguins went, He joined the Inquisitorial Squad with the other Death Eaters.

First Antarctic Wizarding WarEdit

Leaving EducationEdit

Snape left with the other Death Eaters to help "fix" the Ministry.

Fall of the MinistryEdit

The Death Eaters invaded the Ministry & killed Cornelius Fudge & replaced him with Rufus Scrimgeour

Patrolling the Antarctic PoliceEdit

Snape chose to patrol the Antarctic Police Force with a few others while the rest patrolled the school or Ministry.

Imprisonment at Hoth & DeathEdit

Snape was arrested with the other Death Eaters & was convicted in Hoth, Because of lack of food, water, the freezing cold & disease conditions, Snape contracted Antarctic Influenza Black Death Dementia, which caused him to lose his memorys, a minor symptom of Antarctic Death Influenza, Snape died of the disease on July 7, 2043.


Snape died just before the Death Eater plot to escape was started, As a fact, The death of him & Lucius Malfoy encouraged the escape plot idea.


School Year 2 (First appearance)

School Year 3 (First Identified as Severus Snape)

See AlsoEdit


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