This article is based on a real character, object, etc., but is filled with non-canon information

Character Information
  • Denmark's Public
    Enemy Number One
  • Undesirable Number One
  • Flightless Bird
Gender Male
(Thought to be female in
Miss Understanding)
Species Penguin
Raised in Antarctica
(lives in)
Central Park Zoo
Age died at age 75
Where can we find him/her
A Christmas Caper

  • Madagascar
  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
  • Madagascar 3
  • Penguins of Madagascar

Skipper (b. 1955-d. 2030) was a Penguin who founded the organization. He was the son of Jake, or as his father was known when he was born, Darth Vader, and Louise. He was cousin of Kowalski & Private, and brother of Rico. He was father of Jake. He learned all about himself by Kowalski.


Family LineageEdit

Skipper was born from his mother Louise, who was the sister of Jack & James. She married Jake, who became Darth Vader during her pregnancy. Meanwhile, 25 years before Skipper was born, his cousin, Kowalski was born. Kowalski became a Titan. When Skipper was 1 year old, he had a brother named Rico. When he was 3, Private was born.

Early YearsEdit

Skipper was born in Antarctica, as read above. His father left his mother while she was pregnant. He was memory tested by Kowalski and other scientists because Kowalski believed it was the best thing to do, because Skipper was incubated by his mother, and he'd soon learn intelligence about the fact and question it. Kowalski did the same thing with Rico. As a result, Rico's DNA that allowed him to speak clearly was permanently damaged. Skipper & Rico were told their father was in Neverland on a trip to explore Britain. Skipper lived in Antarctica for 13 years until some zoologists came to Antarctica and carted him off because he was found by the hunters

Arrival at the ZooEdit

Meeting KowalskiEdit

Skipper moved to the Central Park Zoo where he met his lonely cousin, Kowalski. Kowalski & him got along well.


Rico came to the Zoo two years afterward with a letter from his mother. Kowalski (who knew something went wrong 14 years before) secretly tested Rico's mind & body to find the damage. He found the unrepairable DNA strand, and learned that Rico's DNA had been hay-wired so he could stomach many things.

Founding of the PenguinsEdit

The Penguins was founded about a week after Rico's arrival. The Wolves attacked the Zoo 3 months later, but they were fought off

New RecruitEdit

3 months after the Wolf attack.

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