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Sky Wars
Episode Information
Air Date: August 13, 2011
Usually Aired With: None
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Previous Episode: Fall of the Robots
Next Episode: Future of the Penguins

Sky Wars is the final episode of Season 4, it is the last time the Penguins will be seen, The next episode begins Season 5, starting off with their sons


Part OneEdit

According to Fred, Someone's been living in a cave under his tree with a robotic right eye & is a dolphin, Skipper identifys Blowhole's presence & sends Private to the cave to secretly take recon on Blowhole, He witnesses Blowhole's latest invention/creation: Clockwerk, a robotic owl with a mind of it's own & works through the will of Dr. Blowhole, Upon learning what Blowhole would do if he finally assembled the bird in the correct order, Clockwerk would unleash chaos & destruction to the whole world, Terrorism would dominate again, Private follows Kowalski's instructions on how to rip Clockwerk apart: Reversing the polarity of the spinning converters that hung on the wires & continuously spun on rails lining the walls of the cave, Private reverses the polarity, but unintentionally, this makes the wires bust, but Clockwerk's parts assemble in the right order on impact, Blowhole explains what his plan was: He was going to take Clockwerk on a tour of the world, Blowhole would upgrade Clockwerk with a lighting chip so Clockwerk will unleash flashing lights, which were fueled by a battery that extracted the power of the Northern Lights, The bird would unleash a lights & anyone under Clockwerk will become cruel & filled with hatred, Blowhole claimed only those who have eaten illegal spice, he got all of Neverland, Beaver Isles, Penguin Island & Antarctica to eat the spice on their fish, Private claims how cruel going all over the world to unleash a hypnotic lightshow of hate was terrible, Blowhole takes off & Blowhole leaves, The Penguins declare war on Blowhole. Blowhole terrorizes the zoo, The Lemurs, Secret Central Park Zoo Society & Penguins join forces to eliminate Clockwerk, Joey is rocketed up to Blowhole, but he falls off & nearly dies, Skipper grabs hold of a wire that was coming off Clockwerk, Skipper opens the hatch & destabilizes Clockwerk's life mechanism, Blowhole retreats the dying bird to the cave for repairs

Part TwoEdit

Blowhole's forces kidnap Marlene & then, Blowhole hypnotizes her into going into Clockwerk, Marlene is successfully hypnotized, dubbing herself Clock-Lene. Blowhole flys Clock-Lene, ensuing many battles, eventually, Blowhole learns off Clock-Lene's independent thoughts, As a result, Blowhole is thrown off & lands on hard plates of metal that fell in a lake in Central Park, Blowhole dies as he broke his spine, hitting the metal. Skipper goes up to Clock-Lene & engages in a brutal fight, But fails, The penguins find Marlene in Clockwerk & save her, Skipper attacks Clockwerk & finally defeats him, he extracts the chip labelled Hate, which is called a Hate Chip, Marlene crushes the Hate Chip, destroying the chance of Clockwerk returning to allow them to live through another dark chapter in their lives.



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