Soap Ice
Manfredi & Johnson covered in Soap Ice


Soap, Ice mixture

Used by:


Used for:

Freezing, trapping or killing

First Appearance:

The Return of Manfredi & Johnson

Soap Ice is a substance that is soap & ice mixed around


Usage by Doctor BlowholeEdit

Dr. Blowhole created a device used to translate the temperatures of a Soap Ice freezing process, he captured Manfredi & Johnson while they were evacuating the HQ that had an unknown reason, The escape tunnel they took wasn't the right one as it lead straight to Blowhole's lab, Blowhole froze them in Soap Ice, Determined to escape, Manfredi & Johnson escaped as the lab, half frozen, half mobile, They froze & got stuck on Hoth to be left to decay & die while trapped in the ice, The Penguins recovered the bodys & thawed them out, Blowhole threatened to freeze the others if Skipper refused to surrender & he threatened to kill Manfredi & Johnson in any of Skipper's options.

Usage in World War IIEdit

Soap Ice was discovered to be better rocket fuel.

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