Surf Island
Known Inhabitants:
Location: 30 miles away from New York
  • King Julien XIII (formerly)

Surf Island is a tropical island located 30 miles off the coast of Manhattan, New York. It is the island traveled to annually as it has a surfing contest ran by it's government agency, The Surf Island Surfing Agency & Government (SISAG), it's one of the seven areas of the whole world the Big One occurs in every ten years.



Surf Island was first discovered in 1986 by the Penguins as they tracked Central Park Zoo inhabitants, in which, they had discovered it earlier & vanished, the Penguins decided to track them using their jets for the Sky Force.

Founding of the SISAGEdit

The newer government was a group of penguins who were alienated from Antarctica, they escaped capture & decided to take over the island & make it their permanent home.


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Surf Island is well known for the Surfing Contest & the known fact it happens to be one of the first places of the Big One


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