This constitution claims the rules of the site

Article I: Canon Wiki PagesEdit


  • All canon wiki pages must be transferred to the Main Wiki, unless they're tagged saying they have non-canon information in them.
  • If the canon wiki pages aren't transferred within an hour upon tagging them CANON, They will be erased from this site


  • This is probably a no-brainer, Every page labelled CANON will have a one hour expiration time, (ex. 3:42 p.m is when the article is tagged, it must be transferred before 4:42 p.m. Eastern Standard Time)-TRiddle50

Article II: Fandom Wiki PagesEdit


  • All pages that are fanon, but don't have any reason to stay on this wiki must be transferred to Fandom Wiki.
  • If any pages that aren't filled with fanon info that belongs on this site isn't transferred in two hours, the page will transferred & tagged TRANSFER PAGE
  • If the same user continues creating pages that don't belong here, there is a limit to how many pages can be transferred: 5 pages a week. If more than 5 pages are made, 5 will be transferred, while the rest will be deleted & can lead to blockage.


  • This one is like the previous.

Article III: EditingEdit


  • Your info must be approved by TRiddle50 within a week of publishing or the info will be deleted.
  • Like the first two articles, the articles have to have something to do with TRiddle50's World (Ex. The Penguin page edit made, it had info that was correct, the reason the user who created it doesn't need a letter is that it was TRiddle50 himself on a different computer)


  • There are two letters, The Approval Letter & the Deletion Letter, Approval would come in less than a week of notification by TRiddle50 on the edit, but Deletion would notify the editor that the information wasn't approved & was deleted after a week.


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