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The Kiss of Death
Episode Information
Air Date: July 22, 2011
Usually Aired With: Skorca!
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: Return to Denmark
Next Episode: Skorca!
The Kiss of Death is an episode that aired on July 22, 2011


Dr. Blowhole, whose now almost considerably a total nut job, has unveiled his newest invention, the Hypnotic Memory Gun, which sucks out happiness, He kidnaps Private & attacks him, Skipper & Kowalski realize what happened & find Blowhole attempting to remove Private's Brain Functional Controller, Skipper & Kowalski slap Private out of Blowhole's grasp & slide in front of the machine to prevent Blowhole's plan, but it fails, Private becomes a zombie & Blowhole orders Zombie Private to attack Skipper & the others, Later, after devising a plan to save Private, Blowhole gasses them so they do lights out, After a few hours, Zombie Private silently waddles into the HQ & gets Rico, Because he was a zombie & could create more, Private gave Rico the Kiss of Death which caused Rico to wake up, but too late to save himself as Private already had the Controller sucked into his mouth, Skipper & Kowalski wake up as they hear Rico groaning, in an attempt to save himself & breathe, Rico becomes a zombie & Blowhole orders a retreat after a battle, Skipper & Kowalski finally think up a plan to save Private & Rico by using the only method that could save them: Brain surgery, Skipper kidnapped Duchess Lucinda, who argued, but Kowalski hypnotized her so she could obey his orders, She headed off to Blowhole's HQ & kidnap Zombie Private & Rico & bring them to the Penguin HQ, while struggling to keep them from kissing her & making her hypnosis disappear & become a zombie. Kowalski successfully reattached Private & Rico's Brain Functional Controllers & helped reanimate them



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