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The Return of Manfredi & Johnson
Episode Information
Air Date: September 4, 2011
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: The Kiss of Death
Next Episode: Gone Fishing
The Return of Manfredi & Johnson was an episode of Season 4.


Skipper & Kowalski are out in the deep frozen depths of the island of Hoth, As they are investigating for the possible attack by Dr. Blowhole, They come across two frozen bodys covered in a substance called Soap Ice. They are transported to New York via freezer ship, As Kowalski inspects the bodys, Skipper recognizes that the frozen corpses are familiar & he suddenly identifys them as the lost men of Manfredi & Johnson, Skipper reveals the last known fate of Manfredi & Johnson, Dr. Blowhole had captured them on Escape Tunnel #74 when they had to flee Blowhole's attacking fleet, Blowhole had captured them & froze in ice & must've left them in Hoth to die as they solidifyed. Kowalski thaw Manfredi & Johnson out of the Soap Ice through a hot shower as normal means of melting normal ice would never work. Manfredi & Johnson reveal that the organization in Antarctica before the Penguins was called the Walrus Division as they were to defend the safety of walruses & had accidentally gotten stuck to the Walrus credo instead of the Penguin Credo: Never swim alone, The Walrus credo was: Never bathe in hot oil & Bisquick. As Skipper & his men receive word of Dr. Blowhole's appearances & attacks in Penguin Island, They go, but Blowhole escapes, They find him in Hoth. He battles Skipper, only to stalemate him as his lobsters corner Kowalski, Private, Rico, Manfredi & Johnson. Blowhole threatens to freeze & kill them in Soap Ice if Skipper refuses to surrender, but warns him surrendering makes him & his friends slaves for the rest of their lives. Skipper surrenders, but Blowhole orders the lobsters to freeze Manfredi & Johnson to their deaths by increasing the lack of heat from Subzero Extreme to Extreme Death. Manfredi & Johnson die as they're frozen. Kowalski, Rico & Private join Skipper, who betrays Blowhole through the element of reverse pyschology, Blowhole escapes once again & starts the retaliation that causes the First World War.



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