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The Revenge of Dr. Blowhole
Episode Information
Air Date: Unknown
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Previous Episode: Down Under Westland
Next Episode: ?
The Revenge of Dr. Blowhole is an episode of Season 5


Jake has snuck into the docks of Netherland for a top-secret recon/espionage mission, He encounters Hans, Fortunately, no guards were around. Dr. Blowhole's submarine watercraft arrives & Blowhole mind-jacks Jake, causing Jake to lose his every memory, so he forgot everything, including how to swim. Blowhole & Hans return to the craft & take off to the eastern coast of New York, Jake washes up ashore on the beaches of abandoned islands, Without his men, who are back at the zoo or his alert, Jake cannot alert his men to lower the scale of DEFCON from DEFCON 4 to DEFCON 3. Blowhole reviews Jake's memorys, soon, he reaches an alarm for that Jake had survived the accident, Jake's mind makes 3 spiritual visions: The first is Buck Rockgut III, The next is a baboon, The final one is his father, Skipper. Skipper helps Jake dodge the missile, Because Jake learns that his father is dead, he yells in denial. Because the missile missed & destroyed a rock, The recorders on Blowhole's ship picked up the words & Blowhole believed Jake was truely dead. Jake makes a raft to get back to New York, His father guides him to the zoo, Blowhole uses his subterrainean attack pod to infiltrate the tunnels & manages to get to the ventilation shaft & breaks into the main floor, Just as he shoots the Diaboligizer, It misses & hits Julien's MP3 player which Julien stole John's power cell to use, believing it was a 9V battery. The blast causes the MP3 player to expand & fly in air & form a huge bubble of energy over the zoo, causing every animal inside the bubble to sing every word they say (whether they want to or not, they cannot speak in regular sentences), Blowhole sings a solo, taming the MP3 & he flys to Downtown City, Jake arrives. The animals head to Downtown City, Julien sings rhythmically to distract the MP3 & make it get close to him so the Penguins can assault it, Unfortunately, Blowhole's laser eye cuts the ropes, causing them to hit Julien, who stops singing. They get the power cell out & Jake mind-jacks Blowhole, who ends up back in Coney Island, in which, the hosts believe he's his deceased cousin, Dr. Blowhole as they name him Flippy.



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