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The Thief of the Zoo
Episode Information
Air Date: August 23, 2011
Usually Aired With: Hoboken Nightmare
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Previous Episode: War Games
Next Episode: Hoboken Nightmare

The Thief of the Zoo is an episode of Season 5


The animals in the Park & Zoo begin losing their stuff at night as a mysterious thief sneaks in, The animals blame the Lemurs, who also suffer the same dilemma, so they blame the Penguins, Learning that Julien has blamed them for the unknowable problem they haven't experienced yet, The Penguins monitor the zoo security footage & capture a shot of the thief whose a gray tabby cat, At the meeting in the Zoovenir Shop, The animals see the picture & John identifys the thief as the infamous Nermal The Sneak. As the meeting is in progress, Nermal breaks into the Penguin habitat & eats the fish the Penguins left as their snack, Nermal breaks into the HQ, Due to his own clumsiness & lack of knowledge of the security system, Nermal accidentally opens the HQ Self-destruct computer mainframe & enters the wrong code, triggering the security alarms, Nermal escapes before the Penguins get to their habitat. Upon learning Nermal had attacked, The Penguins prepare bait, The next night, Nermal is caged by James & is interrogated by the Penguins. When the Penguins learn of Nermal's criminal history, They decide to put him in the Penguin Incapitation Facility where he'd be locked up until the Penguins manage to find & return all stolen items Nermal took, Once the Penguins returned the last item, They call the police forces of all different Neverland countrys, Nermal escapes, but is recaptured & is boarded off to the International Jail in the southern Atlantic seas.



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