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Operation Code NamesEdit

  • Operation: Sneak Trap: Trap Nermal by luring him to fish laid out & trap him in a cage

Rico/Jack RegurgitatesEdit

  • Rifle: Defense against Nermal & any threats
  • Cage & Fish: Lay out for the trap

Options (given by Kowalski/John)Edit

  • Thief Catching Options: Best way to catch Nermal

Kowalski/John's InventionsEdit

Security System Alarms
Purpose: To trigger an alarm to signal enemy presence
Abilitys: None
Success/Failure: Semi-failure
Cause of failure/semi-failure: The alarms worked the way they should, but Nermal escaped before the Penguins got to the HQ

King Julien Saves the DayEdit

Movie References/ParodysEdit

  • The Garfield Show: The guest star, Nermal The Sneak, is the same tabby cat with the same voice from the Garfield Show on Cartoon Network
  • Mask of the Raccoon: When Nermal sneaks into the zoo on footage, he is wearing a green hat that is matching Robin Hood & he uses a bow & arrow to sneak through the zoo without being seen by the naked eye



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