Scene I: The Zoo (Night)Edit

A mysterious cat, shadowed up by darkness, starts climbing over the walls of the Zoo, The cat pulls out a bow & arrow, The cat shoots it at the rhino habitat & slides down the rope connected, The cat jumps in & steals the hay of the rhino, It jumps back to the wall & shoots to the otters, It steals a trophy, a beach ball & the fish snack Marlene was saving, It goes to the Lemurs, it stealthily steals fruit, the boombox & deflates the bouncehouse to fit in it's sack & takes the crown, the cat sneaks off. Roy wakes up


Roy's yelling was so loud, Marlene woke up


Marlene's yelling woke up King Julien XIV


Julien realizes his crown is gone

Julien: MY CROWN! Oh no! Umruamsdeum! Here it comes! The FREAK OUT!

Julien begins yelling so loud everyone wakes up


Scene II: Penguin HQEdit

James is looking out the periscope

James: Jake, Julien is screaming as his crown is missing, Marlene is crying & Roy is throughing a tantrum, The usual thing this week

Jake, John & Jack are all wearing blue earmuffs so they won't listen, James puts on his pair

Jake: That's the 25th robbery this week, Whose the thief?!

Loud pounding is heard from the hatch

James: Jake, Something's at the hole

They all jump out to find the Zoo residents throwing a riot

Jake: Settle down, Quiet!

The mob gets furious

Roy: My hay is gone

Joey: Some jacker took me hay & my favorite ball

Marlene: I lost my $250,000 trophy, my beach ball & my fish

The Primates: We lost our bananas

Julien: I want my boombox, my bouncy & my fruit back!

Jake: We'll fix it, alright

Julien: You better fix it, Everyone is making this my responsibilty, so now, it's yours, We lose more items, they'll all blame you four, not me!

Scene III: Alice's OfficeEdit

The Penguins are monitoring the security cameras

John: Jake, look at this

Jake watches the footage: A gray tabby cat with a green hat, bow & arrow, arrow holder & a duffel bag looks at them & fires an arrow, making the footage go static

Jake: John, Go back

John replays the footage up to the point the cat looks at them

Jake: Freeze that image!

John pauses the footage

Jake: (whispers) Nermal!

Scene IV: Zoovenir ShopEdit

John is holding the picture, Jake has a chalkboard & pointer, James is trying to quiet the rioting animals & Jack is handing earmuffs to James, Jake & John, Jake slides his beak down the chalkboard, silencing the mob

Jake: Alright, We've discovered the thief whose been stealing your possessions, But we cannot confirm his hideout's location

Marlene: Tell us who it is, That thief stole $250,000 from me!

Jake: I'm getting to it, We reviewed the footage of the zoo security cameras & found this, John

Jake points his pointer at the picture

John: Quick question: Does anyone know who this mysterious cat in the photo is

No one answers

Jake: This hairball cat thief is none other than the notorious Nermal The Sneak!

Scene V: Penguin HQEdit

Nermal is jumping around to avoid the water into the habitat, Nermal chuckles & quickly eats the fish, then he disappears into the Penguin HQ

Nermal: Awesome! The Penguins totally top secret lair, I'll have a real heavy payload for me & my pals back at the hideout

Nermal begins rigging gear into his duffel bag, he hits a panel, 7 red buttons appear

Nermal: Awesome! I'll totally destroy the Penguin lair once I'm gone

Nermal types in a code

Computer: Access Denied, Locking down all systems, Security alarming system activated

Nermal: Uh oh

Nermal jumps out of the HQ as several alarm sirens begin sounding all over the zoo & jumps out

Scene VI: Zoovenir ShopEdit

The Penguins hear the alarms

Jake: He's done it again, Nermal has gotten into our habitat

John: He must've typed in the wrong code to our self-destruct panel as it's programmed to shut down all systems if the wrong code is given

The Penguins jump to their habitat

Scene VII: Penguin HQEdit

Nermal jumps out & shoots an arrow, pulling him away, the Penguins arrive, finding they just missed him

Jake: He gave us the slip! He's stolen our snack & our weapons

John: I'll transport our top-secret & safe experimental weapons to Level 14 tommorow morning

Jake: We need to trap this cat once & for all to keep him from pulling off another robbery

Scene VIII: Next night, Penguin HQEdit

Nermal is back, he sees the fish, he begins running at it, he is suddenly caged

Jake: Well, well, Nermal, it's been quite a long time since you & I met

Nermal: Well, well, that's been too long, I've just been borrowing your stuff, Now, I'll take what me & my boys need & I'll be going

Jake: Sadly, Nermal, you're not taking anything nor are you keeping anything, As you are going to Sneak Prison when we get the stuff you stole

Jake begins circling the cage

Jake: Now, I want answers & I want them fast or you'll be eating from your food from your own litter box, Where is your top-secret HQ & whose your boys

Nermal speaks nothing

Jake: Fine, be that way, James, Take Nermal to the Incapacitation Facility of the HQ, We'll settle interrogation first thing in the a.m.

Scene IX: Penguin Incapitation FacilityEdit

Nermal is ranting in his cage as he's brought to his cell

Nermal: I will get you, James, Denmark, Britain & Sneak Prison cannot hold Nermal The Sneak for 2 minutes!

James: Well, Too bad, Nermal, You'll have to escape this Incapacitation Facility first, But here, we operate day & night with our own steel will & technology

Jack: Yeah, & if you do try to escape, Imagine that you'll be living in inside a very uncomfortable safe on our Safe Level, The ones with many keypads & dials or living in a litter box in the sky, Okay, I was just joking about the litter box, but we'll hunt you down & I'll beat you senseless with my nunchuks, explosive nunchuks, explosive dynamite nunchuks

James: We also have electromagnetically locked doors for the cells, open-able only on the outside & covered in motion alarms & security lasers, The only way out of here is how I did it years ago by crawling through the vents, dislocated from the cell & down this hall. You'd have to pass the door to get to the vents, Enjoy

James opens a door & Jack grabs Nermal & throws him in, James slams the door shut & types in many codes on a keypad

James: Good night, Nermal, See you tommorow morning

Nermal: Okay, that's it, I'm going to scratch my way out, I have really sharp claws & now, this door will be paper-shredded

The door vibrates & several alarms sound

Nermal: Alright, this'll be alot harder than I thought, Oh, well, I bust out after shut eye, Good night

The lights turn off as Jack & James leave

Scene X: Nermal's HQEdit

It's the next day, James, Jake & John are tearing Nermal's HQ apart, a horse, donkey & squirrel are tied up, They find Julien's crown, Marlene's trophy & ball, The hay & balls, They find more, they phone Sneak Prison, A truck appears outside later to pick up Nermal's gang

Scene XI: Penguin Incapitation FacilityEdit

James opens the door & Nermal jumps into Jack's flippers in an attempt to escape, They head to the elevator

Jack: We've got you a present, Nermal, A ticket off to Sneak Prison

James: Maybe they'll give you parole if you're good & that means no more robbing, Nermal The Sneak has been in Sneak Prison once, who says he'll be back twice.

James hits the button 1, The elevator goes to the main floor, The Penguins got up out the hatch, where Nermal is caged by the officials

Scene XII: The ZooEdit

Nermal is being loaded onto a zoo cart in his cage

Jake: Good work, men, Now, everyone can finally rest knowing Nermal is going to be away for some time

The Penguins high-five, The cart begins driving away, Nermal is heard ranting

Nermal: Curse you, Penguins, You can't keep me in Neverland forever, I'll escape, You will pay, Everyone will pay & I'll seek vengeance

Jake: It's great that Nermal is finally gone

Julien jumps onto their fence, he's not wearing his crown

Julien: Say have any of you seen my crown

The Penguins look around & gasp as they come to a shocking conclusion, which is proven right as the screen cuts to Nermal's cage, where he stole & smuggled Julien's crown into his crate, he cackles


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