Thomas Riddle
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Somewhere in New York (possibly)
  • Mary Riddle (wife)
  • Tom Riddle Sr. (son)
  • Merope Riddle nee Gaunt (daughter-in-law)
  • Tom Marvolo Riddle (grandson)
Raised in New York (possibly)
(lives in)
New York
Age 16 or older (deceased)
Talent(s) Death Eaters
Where can we find him/her
Sunnyside War Part I
Sunnyside War Part II

Thomas Riddle is the grandfather of Tom Marvolo Riddle & founder of an older version of his grandson's organization


Early YearsEdit

It is unknown of his actual early life

Founding of the first Death Eater organizationEdit

Riddle founded the first organization of Death Eaters, which it's members were [ironically] the grandfathers of his grandson's organization members.

Fall of the Ministry of Brooklyn & Fort SunnysideEdit

Riddle & his Death Eaters attacked the Ministry & overthrew it, Riddle then decided to eliminate all Anti-Riddles (all of those who opposed of his new laws) & Riddle became aware of three Anti-Riddles in an organization named the Rockgut Alliance, A team of three soldiers from the original Ministry that were assigned top-secret commando operations, Riddle ordered his men to put up wanted posters claiming a huge price on Buck Rockgut's head, He takes over Camp Sunnyside & turns it into Fort Sunnyside, A Riddle-claimed base where many nuclear arms were built.

Riddle WarEdit

File:Riddle250 Pain.jpg

Riddle declared war on the Rockgut Alliance, He turned a janitor's closet into a nuclear bomb silo which he excavated the pipe-lining & poisoned the water with nuclear substances that ranged from the atomic numbers of 92-109, Riddle assigned Malfoy & Mulciber to create bombs & Avery to lead an excavation team for some tablets discovered in a mine that was covered up & would provide useful information, Riddle was well aware of The Prophecy & wanted to uncover it to read it & see it's engravings which he believed would be on the tablets, Avery, meanwhile, was a re-doubled agent passing info to him while he worked spy for the Rockgut Alliance (on Riddle's orders), On the final day, Avery gave Riddle the tablets, revealing the real prophecy was stashed in the Cave of Prophecy in Neverland, Riddle ordered his Death Eaters to execute Order Number 27 where Mulciber had set off the alarm & locked the switches, The Death Eaters hid out while Buck snuck through the building to find the main alarm electricity portal to shut the alarm down, After failing, he went to several rooms, He was finally told by BJ over the comlink the alarm exhaust port was in the bomb production silo which Riddle intended that Buck was so intelligent, but not strong enough to take on Malfoy & Mulciber, Avery & Mulciber trapped Buck in the empty gym room, Avery revealed the whole double agent plot & kept an eye on Buck to make sure he wouldn't escape & got into a cage-match with him, Riddle then disarmed the alarm & contacted BJ & Bunk Rotgut that Buck had been caught prisoner, However, scared that he would fail caused him alot of pain with paranoia, BJ & Bunk were then trapped with Buck & Riddle got into a huge fight with the Alliance with Avery while trying to kill them. Riddle then, escaped the Fort which turned into Camp Sunnyside, It is unknown if he was arrested, escaped or killed

Later Years & FutureEdit

It is unknown how Riddle died, it's also questioned how his grandson, Tom Marvolo Riddle, managed to get to Antarctica, it is known that Riddle has somehow found the Prophecy, it is likely he died trying to find the Penguins & their family as he was extremely angered by the Prophecy saying that he wasn't the Chosen One.


Sunnyside War (First appearance)

See AlsoEdit


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