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Torture Attack
Episode Information
Air Date: August 30, 2011
Usually Aired With: Down Under Westland
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: Moon Wars
Next Episode: Down Under Westland

Torture Attack is an episode of Season 5


The Torture Twins are attacking the Zoo as they constantly disrupt Jake's morning training exercises, John's experiments, Jack's dynamite tests & James' training exercises on surviving the Park, Soon, The twins get James so many times, he comes down with Liquid Love, In which, John explains the effects to Jake & trys all he can do to stop James from looking for the Torture Twins while Jake & Jack head to Forbidden Rock to explain what was wrong with James & the twins offer to help only if they got to play with the Penguins by chasing them through Forbidden Rock & following them to the Zoo. Jake & Jack run them over to the Zoo to find John out of ideas & is trying to restrain James the best he can by locking him in the Penguin Incapacitation Facility, James' condition eventually wears off & the twins go back to Death Rock.



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