Extended CutscenesEdit

Nermal: Hello, Violet, Melanie, would you like to have a cup of tea
Violet: Sure, Nermal, we'd love to
Nermal: I'd just like to apologize about those plans
Melanie: No problem, we shredded them up
They soon finish talking at a table
Nermal: Well, I better get going
Melanie: Hang on, you're missing something
Violet & Melanie stands up, Nermal's face pales
Nermal: What do you mean
Melanie grabs Nermal
Melanie: You forgot that we have a policy for visitors to follow
Nermal: What is it
Violet: You must let us give you all the kisses we want
Nermal: We can work something
Melanie: Do you like taffy
Nermal: Yeah
Melanie: I'm wearing taffy-flavored lipstick, so I hope you'll like to kiss me
Melanie kisses Nermal

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