Scene I: Penguin Habitat (Exterior)Edit

Jake is practicing his early morning training exercises

Jake: (stretching & touching his feet as he counts) One & Two & Three & Four &...

Jake walks over to find a lipstick

Jake: Now, what is a lipstick dispenser doing in my habitat

Jake reads the side, realizes what danger he is in, he drops the lipstick & starts running to the fish bowl, Violet Titan suddenly tackles him with the lipstick

Violet Titan: Hello, handsome

She applys a fresh coat of lipstick & kisses Jake

Scene II: Penguin Habitat (Interior)Edit

John is working on his experiments, As he gets a beaker of pink liquid, Melanie Titan suddenly grabs him & pins him to the floor, The screen scrolls to the reflection on the beaker

Melanie Titan: Hello, Science boy

John: Melanie, This isn't a good time

Melanie: You know what time it is

She kisses John

Scene III: Penguin Habitat (Interior)Edit

Jack is working on his dynamite test, Violet Titan suddenly appears & pins him to the wall

Jack: (as Violet puckers up her lips & lowers her head) AAAAHHH!

Jack screams, but his screams are muffled as Violet kisses him

Scene IV: Central ParkEdit

James sees Violet & Melanie running at him, Realizing what they were going to do, he began running with Violet chasing, He stops Violet, but Melanie sneaks up behind him & grabs him over his flippers, Unable to stop her, he looks up at her as she rises him to kiss her

Scene V: Penguin Habitat (Interior)Edit

Scene VI: Otter Habitat (Interior)Edit

Scene VII: Penguin Habitat (Exterior)Edit

Scene VIII: Penguin Habitat (Interior)Edit

Scene IX: Penguin Habitat (Exterior)Edit

Scene X: Penguin Habitat (Interior)Edit

Scene XI: New York CreekEdit

Scene XII: Penguin Habitat (Interior)Edit

Scene XIII: Wolf Shack (Exterior)Edit

Scene XIV: Penguin Incapacitation Facility (Penguin Habitat)Edit

Scene XV: Forbidden RockEdit

Scene XVI: Various areas of New YorkEdit

Scene XVII: Penguin Incapacitation Facility (Penguin Habitat)Edit

Scene XVIII: Penguin Habitat (Interior)Edit


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