The Torture Kiss is the signature torture device of the Torture Twins, it is the kiss the twins give their victims to torture them, The kiss burns the part of the face the twins kissed.


The Torture Kiss burns the face of the victim as the computerized clones made a special lipstick that causes the burning, If a victim is kissed, They will have extreme burning depending on the amount of lipstick left


There are 2 different types of torture kisses, Burning Face & Mouth-to-Mouth Attack

Burning FaceEdit

Burning Face is the term for a kiss on any part of the face that'll burn the skin

Mouth-to-Mouth AttackEdit

Mouth-to-Mouth Attack is the term for a kiss on the lips, which is mouth-to-mouth, which burns the insides


The substantial danger of a Torture Kiss is high as mouth-to-mouth attack can be lethal & Burning Face can burn real bad

Lip PoisoningEdit

Lip poisoning is where a twin continues kissing the victim for so long that some lipstick turns to a liquid & slips inside the victim's mouth, giving them pink lips & a dangerous case of Liquid Love

Liquid LoveEdit

Main article: Liquid Love (Disease)

Liquid Love is the term for a victim whose become addicted to being given mouth-to-mouth attacks by the Torture Twins, If the victim becomes totally susceptable, The kissing will melt their brains

Death SuckEdit

Death Suck is when one kiss is so long it is impossible to breath as all oxygen will be sucked out of the victim's lungs, quickly causing the victim to suffocate from the immense burning & lack of air.



-Melanie ordering Violet to Kiss Nermal


Victim Reason Fate
Penguins Kissed for:

  • Torture
  • Persuasion
Suffered burning & mouth-to-mouth attack
Jake Kissed once Suffered burning & mouth-to-mouth attack
John Kissed once Suffered burning & mouth-to-mouth attack
Jack Kissed once Suffered burning & mouth-to-mouth attack
James Kissed twice Suffered burning & mouth-to-mouth attack, Result of so much kissing mouth-to-mouth contracted Liquid Love
King Julien XIV Kissed to persuade the Penguins to a karaoke contest, this method failed Suffered burning & mouth-to-mouth attack
Nermal The Sneak Kissed as punishment for stealing their plans Suffered burning & possible mouth-to-mouth attack
Many other victims Kissed for unknown reasons Suffered burning & possible mouth-to-mouth attack, Possible Liquid Love fatality's or Death Sucks


Twin Torture (First appearance)

Karaoke Madness

Torture Attack

Dementor's KissFirst KissDementor's Kiss GlueDeath KissKiss of DeathTorture Kiss


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