Torture Twins' Top Secret Mission Files
Dates: None (Not enacted yet) (stolen)
Casulty(s): None
Plan: Unidentifyed
Cause: Destruction of Death Rock (possibly)
Success/Failure: Plans were stolen from the Twins before
they were enacted by some unknown thief,
in which, later, the plans somehow
came to King Julien XIV's
possession & then, they came back to the
Twins when the Twins kidnapped him

The Torture Twins's Top Secret Mission Files were secret mission files that were made by Violet & Melanie Titan & were later stolen, King Julien XIV later found them & the latter kept them until the Torture Twins finally kidnapped him to get the Penguins, They were at some point destroyed afterward.


Creation & Ownership of the TwinsEdit

The plans were created sometime before or after the destruction of Forbidden Rock, The twins owned them up to some point in between the kidnap of King Julien XIV & destruction of the mountain

Theft & Unknown ownershipEdit

The plans were eventually stolen by an unknown thief who bravely robbed the twins of the plans & escaped, For some point in time, The files were lost somewhere in New York & were constantly gone from one location to another.

Ownership of King Julien XIVEdit

King Julien XIV eventually found the files & kept them hidden, He however, couldn't understand them, It is possible he knew that they were evil plans that could affect him as a victim of some plot for world domination or something.


The twins kidnapped Julien & found the plans, It is unknown what became of the plans if they were enacted, destroyed or stolen again.


Karaoke Madness (First appearance)

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