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  • This is a harder version of Normal, However, there are a few alterations made:
  1. The version is Normal x Elimination
  2. There is a one hour time limit & a one-minute answer timer
  • There are differences between the Penguin & first 2, The winner is the one who is the last man standing & is the only one who got all the questions correct
  • There is 1 cheat:
  • Kowalski Drop: This cheat can only be used three times, If the question seems way to difficult to risk guessing & failing & because there's a short time to answer, you use this cheat, just call out the cheat name & tell the host it's the answer, The question answer will be shown & the question will be skipped, $10 will be rewarded if the guess that the player thought was right, None would be rewarded if the guess was wrong, but wasn't their answer


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