Unidentifyed Thief of Forbidden Rock
Character Information
Gender Male (possibly)*
Species Cat (possibly)*
New York (possibly)*
Raised in New York (possibly)*
(lives in)
New York (possibly)*
Age Unknown*
Talent(s) Expert thief*

*It is revealed at the end of Karaoke Madness
that it is Nermal The Sneak

Where can we find him/her
Karaoke Madness (Appears in flashback(s))

The Unidentifyed thief of Forbidden Rock is an unknown thief who robbed Forbidden Rock of the Torture Twins' secret plans.


He is an unknown thief whose only known events of appearance/mention is when he robbed Death Rock of the secret plans of the Torture Twins


  • He is a master thief who successfully robbed Forbidden Rock & escaped without capture or exposure of identity or torture
  • If the Torture Twins caught the thief, He would be kissed for stealing their possessions

Who is he?Edit

  • It is unknown of his identity
  • It is possible the thief is Nermal The Sneak, an expert/master thief who is notorious for stealing things without being caught or identifyed (In the end of Karaoke Madness, It's revealed it is him as he accidentally admitted he recognized Death Rock)
  • Nermal was later Kissed for stealing the plans


Karaoke Madness (First appearance)

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