War Operation Plan Response
Character Information
NickName Kowalski
Gender Male
Species Computer
Raised in  ?
(lives in)
Central Park Zoo
Age  ?
Talent(s) War Games
Where can we find him/her
War Games

War Operation Plan Response (WOPR) is a computer functioned by John, it plays war games, predicting the Third War. It responds to the name Kowalski, which is because John named it after his deceased father.


Beaver WarEdit

Main article: Plot to decapitate the Penguin Network

In 2037, WOPR was planned to be deactivated along with the Penguin Network, However, James messes around & decides to play a certain war game with the computer. John & Jake discover this & confine James, for a debate on banning him, killing him, etc., James escapes & tells Marlene, who tells him about Kowalski, To prevent another war, James & Marlene attempt to get the Penguins to find a way to deactivate the game, WOPR locks the Penguins out after refusing a second strike & causes a mass launch, while trying to find the right launch codes & all weapons would launch if the computer was disabled. However, John soon gets WOPR to play against itself in tic-tac-toe, After a series of test simulations of the war, WOPR gives up.


It's unknown of WOPR's future, it's possible that WOPR got destroyed or it was shut down along with the Penguin Network.


  • Organization Affiliation: Future Penguins, Lemur Empire
  • Inventor: John
  • System Designer: John
  • Code Designer: Lemur scientists
  • Backdoor Designer: Marlene
  • Codes:
  1. Jake: Brass20035
  2. John: Kowalski & Johnny6005
  3. Jack: Destruction200
  4. James: None
  5. Lemurs: Several unidentified passwords
  6. Marlene: Kowalski


War Games (First appearance)

Moon Wars (Indirect Identification)

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