Wolf Shack


New York Creek, Western Banks, Brooklyn, New York

Known residents:

  • Joe Wolf
  • Skipper Wolf
  • Jack Wolf
  • Rico Wolf
  • Red Squirrel (temporarily)

First Appearance:

New York War

This is an article based on a shack on the banks of the New York Creek, you may be looking for the skirmish

The Wolf Shack is a shack on the Brooklyn side of the New York Creek. It was a hideout for the Wolves, who were members of Al Qaeda until 2012. It was reused by Red Squirrel as a hideout in 2015.



Main article: Skirmish at the Wolf Shack

In 2012, The Penguins traced the X Network's transmissions, and found the shack. They came to the shack, and found the Wolves. Breaking out a fight, the Penguins attack, and capture the Wolves, and ship them to Beaver Isle.


Main article: Burning of the Penguin Headquarters

The shack was reused by Red Squirrel in 2015. He used it for weeks, and created a huge pollution problem. Creating a diversion to get into the Zoo. It's unknown if the shack was abandoned or destroyed.

Alternate historyEdit

Main article: 1985A

In the alternate timeline Kowalski describes as 1985A, Skipper-A moved away to this shack, although this isn't proven, Kowalski was rocketed to the nearby Cragstone Mountains. The shack probably didn't exist in 2015A as something happened in 2004A that resulted in Skipper's death. So the Penguins had shorter life spans than they should have as of the normal timelines, They live till the late 2020's & early 2030's.


New York War (first appearance)

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