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This article is based on an episode of the war in the 2040's, You may be looking for the war named Wolfenstein War at the time, later renamed to World War II

Wolfenstein War
Episode Information
Air Date: September 2, 2011
Usually Aired With:  ?
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Previous Episode: Down Under Westland
Next Episode:  ?
Wolfenstein War is an episode of Season 5


Head of the German Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler, has invaded Poland & started Wolfenstein War. The British Office of Secret Actions have assigned the Penguins & Buck Rockgut III to work together & work on assignments on how to stop Hitler, Meanwhile, Head of Hitler's SS, Heinrich Himmler, dispatches a team called the SS Paranormal Division into northern Egypt. Jake & John stay behind while James, Jack & Rockgut head to Egypt to investigate. They head into the tombs to discover the Nazis are after tablets & they've awaken the dead. Jack, James & Rockgut pursue the SS Paranormal Division in an attempt to capture the head of the team, Helga von Bulow, Bulow goes to an airfield beyond the tombs & leaves to Germany before the Penguins could capture her, but as all three of them fly & attempt to land in the airfield, The Nazis bomb their plane, causing them to crash. They survive, The Nazis capture them & bring them to the HQ of Heinrich Himmler & his SS Paranormal Division, Castle Wolfenstein. Bulow orders them to be interrogated by Doctor Zemph. Zemph interrogates them while word reaches the British that the agents had been captured, The OSA decides to sit & wait & hope that the trio escape safely, Rockgut dies during interrogation. Jack & James escape safely through a tram car to the village of Wulfenburg, They meet their Kreissau Circle contact, Kessler, in the village, who leads them to safety at his own house. They are supplyed new weapons & ammo. They leave through the secret entrance of Kessler's house. They fight the Nazis in the cafe & village while trying to find another Kreissau Circle partisan contact, Karl Villigut, who supplys them Silenced Stens & more ammo. They leave Karl to proceed through the village to the graveyard at the end of town through via Kessler's instructions. Meanwhile, Back at the OSA HQ, They get wind by Kessler & Villigut that only James & Jack turned up & guessed that Rockgut had been killed in Castle Wolfenstein, Jake fears that they'll lose Jack or James next. Jack & James bust the entrance to the SS Paranormal Division's dig site in the graveyard, They watch a gun fight as they learn more undead warriors came to life & had attacked several members. They find Professor (a.k.a Doctor) Zemph's journal & it proceeds through the activitys at Castle Wolfenstein, They proceed further through the tombs & end up at the church. They eventually get back to Castle Wolfenstein & secretly establish an investigation, Jack is captured & tortured, James calls in Jake for backup, Jake claims that the latest ability to transport to Castle Wolfenstein would take 2 months, in which, Jack would be dead by then. James rescues Jack & brings him to the Allyed Powers airfield at the end of town in Wulfenburg. Hitler is finally found & killed as James murders Helga von Bulow during a gunfight with her, Himmler is caught by the Kreissau Circle, Wolfenstein War became World War II, which has now officially ended.



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