Zoo Rally


April 24-May 2, 2009


  • Lemurs (Alice's Zoo Cart)
  • Penguins (Black Fire Turbo Thunder)


Zoo Cup




Zoo, Park, Pond, Classic, Champs Rally


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  • Central Park Zoo
  • Central Park
  • Ancient Undercoves

Founded by:

Beginning Year:

2009, 2016 (re-established)

Dissolvation Year:


Zoo Rally is a racing competition formed by the Central Park Zoo Zoo Rally Race Commission. It started out as a contest between the Penguins and The Lemur Empire. The winner is the one who receives the Zoo Cup.


The contest began on the 24th of April at midnight in 2009. Six month's later, The Lemur Empire established the Central Park Zoo Zoo Rally Race Commission (or the CPZZRRC for short). The Commission organized a race schedule, the contest got more courses, had a new trophy called the Zoo Cup, and added more days of racing. However, in history, recently a few days after the end of the 2010 contest, New York War began. The Commission dissolved and closed the races during the 5 years of war. The Penguins were ordered a top-secret mission to eliminate Al Qaeda. The alliance of the Wolves, Titans, Dr. Blowhole, and The Red Squirrel. The Commission re-established in 2016, and continued the races, however, it dissolved sometime before or after 2027, when Kowalski died.

Central Park Zoo Zoo Rally Race CommissionEdit


  • King Julien XIII (Head of the Lemur Empire, Founder)
  • Mason (Leader, Judge, Commentary)
  • Phil (Judge, Commentary)
  • Marlene (Judge, Flag)
  • Chameleons (Traffic Lights)
  • Burt (Judge)


  • Powers behind the Commission: In October 2009, King Julien XIII decided to form the Commission. Because Julien was the Founder, the power behind the Commission was the Lemur Empire along with it's affiliation
  • Founding: It was founded in October 2009 by King Julien XIII. The Commission began the next race in 2010, lengthening them from April 24 to May 2.
  • Dissolvation: It was unknown if the Commission dissolved before or after 2027, The year of Kowalski's death.

Race ContestsEdit

  • 2010 Race -- The 2010 Race Competition of the Zoo Rally was named as the first official Zoo Rally. The Penguins won the Championship.
  • New York War -- The Commission couldn't establish a second contest the following year of 2011 due to the outbreak of the New York War, and the Penguins' mission to defeat Al Qaeda. The 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 contests were unavailable for the war lasted until January of 2016, with the Penguins' ambush on Red Squirrel.
  • 2016-2020 -- The races were re-established following the New York War, but it's unknown when the Commission officially dissolved.

Member StatsEdit

Lemur EmpireEdit

  • King Julien XIII -- Job: Founder, Leader
  • Maurice
  • Mort

Phil & MasonEdit

  • Mason -- Job: Leader, Commentator, Judge (Mason is the leader, head judge & prime commentator for the Commission.)
  • Phil -- Job: Commentator, Judge (Phil is a secondary commentator & is a judge.)


  • Marlene -- Job: Judge, Flag (Marlene is a Flag, (meaning she is the one who symbolizes the start & end of the race) she is also a judge)
  • Chameleons -- Job: Traffic Lights (The chameleons are used as lights to signal when the racers can begin racing.)
  • Burt -- Job: Judge (Burt is a judge.)

Zoo CupEdit

The Zoo Cup is a trophy for the Zoo Rally champion, Whoever wins the championship gets the cup.


Little Zoo Coupe (First appearance, Mentioned in title)

See AlsoEdit


Zoo Cup Edit

  • Penguin Pool Swim
  • Lemur Rule
  • Reptile Flags
  • Zoo Run

Park Cup Edit

  • Fred's Gulch
  • Children's Zoo Race
  • Flight from the Zoo
  • Enter the Pond

Pond Cup Edit

  • Snake's Cove
  • Down in the Depths
  • Sticky Bee Wetlands
  • Zephyr Pond

Classic Cup Edit

  • Westland
  • Ancient Gold Squirrel
  • Lemur Cove
  • Under the Lemur Empire

Hint: Champs Rally Cup is all the races combined


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